Heritage Publishing Co.

Photo Copies And Color Printing Services

What is the rabbit all about?

It’s the late Howard Keller’s sense of humor—

and we love it. If your offended—Lighten up.

If it makes you snicker a bit—your probably the kind of folks we meet on our poker runs from time to time and all good by us.

The Truth is...

"Fast service" is two words—

"Fast" and "Service". We are very much focused of the service part and in a fast paced business and private life world, Fast means nothing without Service. So we are kinda stuck with Howard’s sense of humor as our operations mantra.

Kay and Howard Keller (& Buddah)

Founders of Heritage Publishing

Kim and Diane Keller owners of Heritage Publishing

Hello from Kim and Diane Keller,

We love the printing business but we love helping folks get things done how and when they need it.

The story goes...

Howard Keller (Kim Keller’s father) and his, then, business partner founded Heritage Publishing back in 1977-78.

Howard and his wife Kay Keller took over the companies destiny a few short years later.

Howard and Kay ran the company while remaining well known pillars of Port Washington’s community.

Howard left the business to Kay in November

of 2004. Kay left it to Kim and Diane

in July of 2007

Fast forward more than thirty-five years and

the name "Heritage" seems to be a tradition in the Keller family business.

Heritage is what drives Kim and Diane to do fair and honest business—they don’t know any other way to do business.